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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Men's Tattoos

stylescourse.comPopular Men's tattoo designs:
  • Celtic arm tattoos
  • Wing Tattoos including the vulture, hawk or eagle, on the chest or shoulder.
  • Crosses, Font or animal tattoos are popular and can be very detailed to the abstract.
  • Tribal Symbolism from the Polynesian and Haida tribal patterns. Often representing masculinity, strength and power with usages of dark lines and angular edges. This style stands out with a bold strong look and can range from large to small in size.
  • Japanese Tattoos are perhaps amongst the most ancient of styles. With the use of color ink they have become popular in the form of Dragon, Koi fish and Kanji styling.  A powerful tattoo representation of courage and strength and can be placed just about anywhere on the body. Historically they were large tattoos, covering the back or the whole body, but today they are becoming popular as small pieces of artwork. 
  • Old school or sailor tats are probably the most commonly tattooed symbol in the western part of the word.  Many of these designs are being recreated in modern styles, that are bold with bright colors and edgy. Some styles include nautical stars, swallow and pinup girls.  They are often chosen for individual meaning and popularly located on the arm.

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